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The true origins of our Great Lengths Hair Extensions: The women of India.

It is a good idea to start at the true source of where our hair comes from. Last year I listened to a great podcast by BBC radio talking about the business of hair extensions, called “Trading hair” It included information about the aspects of India’s people providing hair to hair extension companies around the… Read More


The Journey of a Great Lengths Hair Extension Bundle – Part one:

How is Great Lengths Hair Coloured? Around the globe, Great Lengths is known for their perfect hair extensions that remain as beautiful when they are taken out as the day that they are installed. But what make Great Lengths so different quality wise in terms of the colouring process? Firstly, Great Lengths Hair extensions are… Read More


Why a Quote for Great Lengths Hair Extensions Should be Done in Person

Great Lengths National Artist Dee Gaultier, who is based in her Toronto salon,  explains why “blind” hair extension quotes are never a great idea. Great Lengths hair extensions  can be expensive. Most items and services of great quality are. Many clients will phone the salon and as for what I refer to as a “blind… Read More


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