Off she heads to the Little House of Great Lengths for her treatment..

Well tis’ the season for split ends and dry hair.

Split ends are a major problem right now..especially because we in the Great Toronto actually got a real winter this year. The cold weather involves heavy purses, coat collars, scarves-they really do affect your hair.

And my dears, there is only one way to truly treat and get rid of a split end. No matter what anyone tells you, nothing can “fix” or reverse such a problem without cutting the darn things off. Sure, there are products that can hide the damage, or stop/slow worsening of this terrible plight, but nothing can repair it.

So what, then, do we do if we wish to hold on the the length of our worn-out locks?

I have found a great success in a technique I picked up recently. It is a method used in India for women who want to rid their manes of split ends but refuse to cut their beloved length. While it does involve scissors, the shears are only used to gently remove those nasty little white reminders that plague your downward gaze.

The method can be time consuming. a whole head can take up to an hour. The hair is parted into this sections and flipped between my two fingers. My other hand holds the scissors flush with the section, laying on top of the two fingers holding the section of hair. As I slide the whole production down the  length of the section,  the split ends pop up and are gently removed. Permanently.

For Great Lengths hair extensions clients, this can be done on the hair at the top of the head where there are no extensions. Great Lengths really don’t get split ends, but, because your real hair does not get a cut or trim for 3-4 months, this would be a great in-between service to freshen up.

I’ve bundled it up into a complete, luxurious treatment. Designed by me in response to so many dry-hair complaints, it is the  perfect winter pick-me-up, The Snow Queen hair treatment service starts off with aforementioned split end removal treatment.

Then the treatment extravaganza continues with Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash shampoo. This stuff is incredible. It is like a fruit acid peel for your hair.  Gentle, very safe, it helps to slough off the split ends a bit and get rid of residues of product and chemicals that may be dulling your shine. A relaxing massage, an application of Kevin Murphy’s Born again masque to smooth it all out , and the finishing touch-a big ol’ sexy round-brush blowout. Your hair will be left soft, smooth, cared for..and best of all, split ends will be banished!

Take that, Winter blues! this will be the best 130 you have spent in a while!