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Great Lengths are the ultimate in luxury hair extensions.

And they are not just about length. Great Lengths hair extensions can be used to create volume, highlights, or even fix a questionable hair cut!

If you want to add dimension with colour to your hair without the damage of chemical colour, Great Lengths hair extensions can be your best friend! You can be as versatile as you want with colour and change it up without compromising your hair.

Great Lengths hair extensions do not use glue, waxes, or latex or metal that can damage hair. Instead, Great Lengths utilizes a polymer bond- a synthetic material that mimics the molecular structure of hair itself. It causes no damage provided it is installed properly and the client cares for her hair as instructed.

Our History

The Little House is an eclectic space where the woman who chooses to wear Great Lengths hair extensions can receive complete care for both her hair and the extensions. The Little House has an apothecary feel.

We foster a culture of caring, striving to make our clients feel appreciated and comfortable.

Each service is tailored to those who currently wear Great Lengths or those who are interested in in the service for the first time. We believe client education is one of the most important steps to a pleasurable experience with your Great Lengths Hair extensions.

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Have Questions?

Do Great Lengths Damage your hair?

With proper installation, client education and client dedication to maintenance, and a knowledgeable stylist performing the removal process, your experience can be damage-free and  pleasantly addicting. The uncomparable quality of hair and patented polymer bond combined with an expert application make this an experience like no other. With regular maintenance like brushing and check up visits with  Dee, you are supported by a passionate Great Lengths National Educator, your hair can actually come out of the experience better than when you starting wearing them.

Where does the Great Lengths hair come from?

Great Lengths hair is acquired from Hindu Temples. Indian hair is closest to that of European hair. In the Hindu religion, when a woman is granted something she has asked for, she gives thanks  by sacrificing her hair. The same goes for if she is asking for help in a particular part of her life or is about to be married.  These women are  not paid for their hair, rather, Great Lengths compensates the temple itself for the collection of the hair. It is harvested right at the temple, onsite.  Because the hair is cut off while in a braid, the cuticle layer is intact and is of high quality. The hair of these women is usually virgin, meaning it has not been processed by chemicals. Great Lengths has first rights to this hair. Anything they deem inadequate or unsuitable is sold off to other hair companies.

Not all Indian hair is considered equal.  Sometimes hair harvested through other companies is shaved off of the head or collected from hairbrushes (fallen hair). This hair has to have the cuticle layer stripped off and coated in silicone to make the hair appear smooth and shiny. This works initially-until the silicone coating is either washed or styled off-leaving the hair to tangle into an irreversible mess.

Tell me about the bond?

Great Lengths uses a patented protein polymer bond that is unlike any other material used to bond extensions to hair.  The molecular structure of the polymer mimics that of natural hair.

There are two methods used to apply Great Lengths hair extensions. Only the machine changes to apply these methods-the hair and bond are the very same. The classic Hot Fusion method uses a tool to melt the polymer. The tool  is as hot as a curling iron and does not make contact with the hair. It creates a small bond the size of a grain of rice.

The Great Lengths Cold Fusion Method uses a machine that create a warmth using ultrasonic waves to melt the bond. The cold fusion machine creates a flat bond that sits sleek in the hair and cannot really be felt. It is not suitable for curly hair types.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your look is best assessed through a consultation. No two heads are alike, and each job is so unique that is almost impossible to say without a visual consultation.  Consultations are free and  without pressure or obligation.

Highlights and zonal volume can start at 400-600. This is the very end of the spectrum .A full head can start around 1000 for 16” and 1200 for 20”..these are starting points, but can vary depending, again, on the individual .

During the consultation  Dee will base with price on the hair you are beginning with and the desired result. Product will be discussed as well. A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required to book an appointment.

Should I wash my hair the night/morning of my extension application?

No! No need to do so. I have to wash your hair at least twice with a special shampoo.

It is unavoidable step, so relax and me take care of the work for you!

Do you live in the Little House?

No.. perhaps I will dedicate myself to my home the same way someday!

Are there are any deals/discounts?

Unfortunately, no. I have worked hard for my position, salons are expensive to run, and the work is worth every penny 🙂


Our Timing

Appointments are available from Monday to Sat starting at 10pm.