I don’t “do”  colour.

Sure, I can apply a colour in a pinch. I’m very neat, and pretty efficient about it when I have to be, but I’m certainly no Picasso when it comes to the art of colouring and highlighting hair. This is ironic, considering my passionate approach to custom-blending extensions.

Enter Adrianna. She was my “colour partner”  for almost 5 years in a previous salon we both worked at, where pretty much everyone specialized in one aspect of  salon service. Adrianna knows when to push boundaries and when to hold back. She is also great at interpreting what it is I need from her, and want the client wants.

Adrianna left our previous salon in May to operate her own home-based salon, To Dye For  (look it up on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/todyeforhairbyadrianna?fref=ts  ) She graciously has also agreed to be available upon request to clients who visit  The Little House for their Great Lengths hair extensions. She has worked with  several Great Lengths artists to help their clients achieve the perfect colour to match extensions to. Her fine, delicate highlighting and natural bases for colour compliment discriminating women who wish for the most decieving extension work – “Are they or Aren’t they?”

If you are interested in Great Lengths Hair, extensions and need to talk colour, contact The Little House. If if you  are searching for a perfect colour technician, email her at adriannab@gmail.com