I was working the Toronto Bridal Show this weekend and I had the opportunity to talk to lots of different people. I became very disconcerted at some of the stories that I heard regarding traumatic hair extension work.
There are many types of hair extensions application methods, and hundreds of different companies using those methods to sell their hair extensions to the public. Let’s face it: even with the most luxurious brand in the world, which just happens to be Great Lengths, your application and finished product will only look as good as your stylist. And Great Lengths is stringent: they have certification requirements unmatched by anyone else. This is why I love them. Still, The fact is that there are some people who just don’t appreciate the fine art of perfecting the perfect head of extensions. Perhaps their expectation is not high enough or quite frankly, they get lazy.
To ensure that you are going to get the quality of job that you require, every client should do their homework. Research your potential Great Length Artist..check out the website of the salon they work at. What does their bio include? how many years of expereience do they have? are there before and after pictures of their work?
This is where you have to be wary of reviews, though. sometimes these are written out of spite by someone who is not even a client.
The next step is to visit the stylist and salon for a consultation. Great Lengths hairstylists are required to work out of a salon. They are not allowed to work from in-home salons. And if they are, I would question that they are actually using Great Lengths hair.