Surprisingly, I do not actually get alot of questions about the history of Great Lengths, or its’ origins. Why don’t we explore?

The Great Lengths company was launched in 1992 by David Gold. David worked in textiles and developed a way to colour fabric and hair-using a special transfer method that allowed the product to remain “virgin” and maintain all of its’ ingerity. David had looked at hair as a fibre and applied colouring techniques used on wool to hair.

Great Lengths hair collects hair from Hindu temples in India. It is tradition in these temples to cut one’s hair off to celebrate or to give thanks for something that has occured in one’s life. The hair is not sold to the temple, it is donated, and it is a joyous occasion. The hair is tied into a ponytail and ceremoniously cut. This actually makes the hair quite vaulable, because the hair is running only in one direction, the cutile is intact, and the hair was never altered to begin with.

The first processing begins in India, where any short hairs are removed by hand-three times. This is also known as being “triple drawn”. This is done to ensure that a “bundle”  is made that contains hair that is all one length and thickness from roots to ends.

I have never heard of any other company coming close to Great Lengths in the production of hair Instead of using bleaches to break up pigment molecules and lighten the hair, and then filling in “the blanks” with colour, Great Lengths uses a process similar to that of colouring cashmere..the pigment is completely removed from the hair. This can take 15-20 days.  The hair is then gently recoloured using natural pigments. Because of this, you will notice Great Lengths hair extensions’ colour does not fade. The hair is not merely deposited on the surface, but actually is ingrained into the hair. That is why it never fades.

There is so much work that goes into preparing the hair. It is no wonder it is such a prized possession-It is truly something to be appreciated!