Great Lengths hair extensions are expensive. When that final cost is placed in front of you, it can be a little gasp-worthy, depending on what you are used to spending on self-care items. (And yes-Great Lengths are a self and personal care expense in my books, as necessary as hair removal)

But when you take a look at everything involved, the cost may be easy to justify. There is a reason Great Lengths totals up the way they do.

Firstly, no one processes hair the way Great Lengths does-it is patented and so complex and wonderful! Even though the hair starts out dark, and ends up as blonde as can be, the hair has not been bleached or dyed. Instead, the hair is soaked for weeks, and using reverse osmosis, the pigment is completely removed from the hair naturally, instead of being bleached. Bleaching removes fragments of the natural pigment and leaves the cuticle layer of the hair damaged and lifted.

Instead of being dyed  with conventional colour ,after the pigment is completely removed direct pigment is used to colour the hair. Great Lengths is the only company in the world to take such care with their hair extensions. And it truly shows. Anyone who has worn Great Lengths can agree there is absolutely nothing like it.

Secondly, educational aspect: Great Lengths is one of the only companies I have ever seen with such stringent training regulations. During the course of training, if a student fails to  meet proper standards, they will be required to complete the course again to the educators’ satisfaction.  Hairdressers cannot purchase any Great Lengths products unless they have been directly certified by Great Lengths themselves. Great Lengths is dedicated to salons maintaing a certain level of service so that the integrity of the company can be maintained.

Thirdly: Installation: I speak for myself when I say the insallation process is one of the most important part of the service. I will spend whatever time is necessary to complete the look to perfection. Whatever custom blending is needed, it will be done. In part, you are paying to have me treat your hair like a work of art, rather than just doing the basics or trying to find the easiest or fastest way of getting your hair done.

When you break it down, hair extensions done properly will last 3-5 months in most cases, depending on the type of application. The quality of hair extension will allow you to do so beautifully, without tangling or excessive wear. They will look as beautiful the day they come out as the day you put them in. A careful application will ensure there is no damage, and a custom colour application will ensure no-one will ever be able to tell the difference between your hair and the additions. There really is no “cheap” way around this. If you are paying very little for extensions monetarily, you will certainly end up paying in other ways, in the form of constant monthly replacements, damage, or an embarassing experience of someone rudley pointing out your extensions in a public forum. This is one time when the old adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true.