Here I am, about to open THE salon in Toronto that caters completely to Great Lengths Hair extensions. If you have ever wanted to ask questions about Great Lengths, or you feel that it is time for a change, I am here to answer your questions, just write me an email.

In just days, The Little House of Great Lengths will open in Toronto. Physically, it embodies who I am in so many ways. The porch is need of a paint job, (to be completed in Summer, I assure you) and it is filled with antiques, sometimes mismatched, a bit of a misfit. But luxury can be provided in so many ways.

But one thing that is strong and genuine about it- I LOVE GREAT LENGTHS. I can talk about them all day. In fact, as a National Educator, I do. And love it. There is alot to talk about-rules,care, related product…when you find your passion you can never tire of speaking and learning about it. Everytime, I edcuate, my students never fail to teach me something new by asking questions about situations, forcing me to reallly think and prvide them with the best information.  Sharing information is part of our culture, our biological makeup.

Let the sharing of information begin!