So it is known that I am currently studying to become a herbalist and registered holistic nutritionist. (If you didn’t then you know now). As part of my  studies in Herbalism.

This often prompts the question ” What can I take/eat to make my hair better?” Well, there are many things that could work for many people.  But I am not a firm believer in handing out one solution for every induvidual. That is just too synonomous with the allopathic model of treating the syptoms and not the cause. I believe a client must be assessed individually to determine what is missing in her life in the first place. How is her diet? What supplements does she take/not take?  stress levels (VERY IMPORTANT) and what has been happening in her recent past?

As part of our education, we assesses case studies at my school. I would like to see more cases regarding  unexplained hair thinning, post-chemo, or my personal obession, telogen effluvium. Sadly, I feel that while certain hair products and methods usued out the body can absolutely lend a hand to make the situation of hair thinning and loss more bearable, most afflicted  individuals  do not even consider the their internal environment. I feel we at least need to try to address the inside  of the client. The condition may not be cured, but perhaps assistance in the form of herbs and nutrition  can actually contribute to the problem slowing or stopping, or at least nourish the exisiting hair to acheive strength it may not have known previously.

See, there are two sides to hair loss and thinning. It is, of utmost importance to address the outward appearance of the client. There are products that can volumize, products that can colour and fill in certain areas, hair extensions to create or re-create the desired style.  Not everyone is a candidate for hair extensions. But it can’t hurt to talk with soneone who is expereinced and honest .

I will never forget one client telling me of someone she knew who had lost her hair to cancer. the woman stated, (and it stayed with me until this day) that is wasn’t the chemo that bothered her, not the medicine, it was the hair loss that really got her. What impact-all that she had been through, and to top it off, she had lost her beautiful hair. It just made me realize how really important hair can be to someone.

The scond side of this is the care of the inside. Careful questioning may reveal a deficieny in someone’s diet, perhaps the new daily ritual of taking a birth control pill, perhaps a traumatic event- what could be causing the hair loss from the inside? is there any way to nourish and support the body so that it can regain it’s strength to produce more beautiful  hair?

There is alot of groundwork to cover.  In the future I intended to converge the inside and outside care when it comes to hair loss and thinning and explore the possibilities herbal medicine and nutrition can offer.