Every bride wants to be the ultimate princess for the day.. and she should be!  This is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. Many women opt to wear hair extensions to fill out or lengthen their hair for the big day and fulfill their princess dreams.

There are a few things to consider, dear brides. I have dealt with much wedding hair.. If you are considering Great Lengths hair extensions as an option for your dream wedding, Here are some notes and tips you may find useful.

Don’t do anything drastic – while a few extra highlights or lowlights are acceptable, try not to make any drastic changes when it comes to your colour for your wedding.  You want to be able to recognize yourself in photos, and not look back with disdain for trying something too trendy ..try to be timeless in your style so you can look back at your phtots with pride. sometimes the stress and pressure of planning can cause you to make some rash decisions. Don’t! Have a glass of wine and go to a yoga class and skip the impulsive trip to the salon for a big change.

install your hair extensions at least 3 weeks before the wedding – especially if you have never worn them before. This gives you time to get used to them, and to let them “settle” into their new home-your head. Many brides to be will install a set months before and get a new set just before the wedding so they can try updo and styling options and to get used to wearing them  and make adjustments to their wedding set as needed.

Use a stylist who knows extensions– most stylists have worked with extensions before, but it is best to choose someone who works with-or installs – extensions regularly. Stylists who specialize in bridal work are your best bet. With so many brides using hair extensions these days, a specialist will have worked with them  many times and know the necessary ins and outs of the job.

Updos are totally possible!  Although many brides just wear their hair down or half pinned up nowadays, updos can still be an elegant way to wear your hair on your wedding day. Properly installed extensions leave an inch or so around the perimeter of the hairline and will not show at all!

Wash and brush your Great Lengths the night before your wedding day. Brush them again in the morning. styles hold better when not freshly washed, and this still applies to hair extensions!

Great Lengths hair extensions can provide you with the most natural look for the perfect photos. Many of my clients started out as just a bride looking for the perfect hair and continued to wear extensions even to this day… And here we are, years after the wedding, with the most beautiful hair in the world!