Glue. It’s great for crafts. Fantastic for fixing your favourite mug.

Not so good when it comes to hair.

I’m quick to correct anyone who uses the term “glue” in regards to hair extensions in my salon.  This is because I don’t want anyone to be confused: Great Lengths uses no such material in their method.

They have worked pretty hard to be the only ones who have patented their famous polymer bond, so I want them to have the kudos they derserve.

But what about the polymer, you say?

Great Lengths hair extensions are bonded to the hair using a Synthetic Keratin, a polymer that mimics the molecular structure of the hair. Unlike any other material, it is almost as if it becomes part of the hair. For Instance, when your hair is wet, it will swell by about 5%. Guess what? So will the Great Lengths bond. Instead of constricting the hair, it works with the changes the hair is experiencing. Pretty neat, huh? It will expand and contract with the hair. Which is why it is SUPER important to dry your hair immediately after every time you wash it. You don’t want the bond to get soggy for very long.

When it is heated, the bond is wrapped gently around the hair and folded. The bond should be a smooth, completely seamless blend that the client’s natural hair. Not very invasive, or damaging, if the task is carried out with patience and attention. And provided that the appropriate product is used, these little bonds can last the duration of your wear-time.

A very bond-ing experience indeed.