Hair extensions are not going to go away. They have truly become part of your hair culture now,  and can be a valuable addition to a client’s experience.

I think this is being solidified throughout the industry. The Contessa Awards, which the largest and most prestigious competition and hair awards ceremony in Canada, has introduced a new category for hair extensions. I meet this news with great excitement- I can hope Great Lengths could be well represented in the competition!!

I have spoken before about the versatility of Great Lengths. That in addition of length and volume, hair extensions can  provide colour without damage, fix a “broken” haircut, or help to grow out damaged hair.

But what came to me is the thought of the growing possibility of medical -based applictions. The future of extensions does not only include our looking and feeling good to the outside world, but the future will include more application related to the medical aspects. Like hair replacement after chemo, or to help hinder the picking habits of those afflicged with trichotillomania or those with thinning hair from heredity or deficiency.

Applications like these can help sustain, grow, and solidify Great Lengths into an even more prominent position: as a possible option in medically-based cases.

And I know from personal expereience that when used with knowledge and responsibility, Great Lengths can have a lot to offer in this area. But the knowledge and expereince has to be a factor. You have to know what your are doing in these cases, otherwise there is a risk of adding strain to  someone’s already stressful medical dealings.

This is the key. Perhaps in the future we can tailor training and classes towards helping those with more medical-based needs and widen the inreasing gap that sets this  elite company apart from all others.