Extensions are indeed a wonderful thing–one enters the salon with short, frazzled hair,  and leaves with a glossy mane so thick and realistic that whether you realize it or not, you are the receiver of envious stares.

But lengthening you hair is not the only thing extensions-and a good stylist- are capable of. Extensions can artfully be used to thicken hair, add highlights, or fix a new haircut of a questionable nature. They can be used to add a shock of punky colour, or a slice of pastel through blonde hair.

Many people simply cannot grow out the hair on the sides of their head. This is often due to the fact that this particular  section of hair take the most abuse from styling and picking and fiddling. We tend not to overstyle the back of the hair, as it is less accessible, so the sides take the brunt of the abuse.

In certain cases customized sizes of bonds can be used to thicken thinning hair. This is evaluated on a per-case basis, and some hair my be just too fragile to complete the process-however, I have pleasantly surprised certain people with hereditary thinning of the hair at the top of the head.

And a “volumizing” service is often mistaken for providing root lift..really, it should be referred to as a “thickening service”.. this service is when 1-3 bundles are placed evenly throughout the head to provide thickness to the hair.  The extensions are then cut to the length of the client’s  natural hair.  But it does not provide volume at the root.. in fact, as the extension grow out, it can be harder to get lift at the root.

In specific cases where bangs or a fringe has been cut too short and the client is frustrated with the too-slow growing process, Great Lengths hair extensions can also be used lengthen the bang or fringe.  This will make it less stressful for the client  to grow out.

And as we know, there is always a degree of damage when you  lighten hair. If you are particularly protective of your hair, or have already gone down that road and have decided to no longer colour your hair, Great Lengths can be used to provide the client with chemical-free highlights.. and the best part is-when you  want to change the colour of your highlights, it can be done with no damage, done quickly, and the highlight colour can be changed in a snap!