Trying to find the perfect Great Lengths Hair Extension Artist? Here is what to look for.

I do not envy potential clients that are searching for a Great Lengths hair extension artist..or any other hair extension artist, for that matter. The world is full of misleading misinformation: other client’s reviews that may have been shaped by a lack of knowledge, a tainted opinion from a bad experience of someone they know, or simply bad work by an artist that leads to a bad opinion of hair extensions and all artists in general…artists and hairstylists who are perceived as sales people for the hair extensions service, trying to make a quick buck, who may project that they have more knowledge than they actually hold, some bolstered by over confidence- I get it..its tough out there. It is hard to know if you are making the right decision, so here are some tips on finding the right Great Lengths (or hair extension) artist for you.

This is where I brag.

As an educator for Great Lengths Canada, I must say that Great Lengths has some of the most superior and encompassing training a hairstylist can get. The requirements for attendance to the course is stringent and the training is completed over two days in the company of the edcuator. I do my very best to make sure the stylist will be competent and in control. …but after they leave the classroom, whether they take my teaching and suggestions to heart is beyond my control.  I can teach or force integrity upon them. There are artists who are dedicated to good work from the get-go, while others have priorities that lie elsewhere. The goal for the client here is to find out who these stylists are through research.

So what should one look for when trying to find the perfect artist?

The first thing to look for is a portfolio of work…this is where social media holds a great deal of power. Before a client even enters the salon or book a consultation, she can study the artist work and decide if it is right for her through Instagram or Facebook.  While not every single hairstylist is social media savvy, the bare minimum should be at least a portfolio collection of the artist work available to the client during the consultation to view and decide for herself whether the personal style and approach of the artist is her cup of tea.

Years of experience do not necessarily make a good artist.

While it is a good idea to seek out senior hair extension artists, don’t necessarily write off a someone new to the game..they often have a lower price point, and I have seen a few impressive students in my classes that showed a great amount of promise right away. If you wish to save a few dollars, this might be the way to go for you, on the other hand, I have seen inadequate work from people who had years of experience behind them due to developing bad application habits, laziness, or just plain ego that allows them to be less vigilant in their work.

But in many cases, especially where there is a significant amount of money being invested, a senior stylist is most sought out for their knowledge.

Knowing is half the battle

You should be informed of all of the rules and care by the stylist giving you a consultation. a client cannot properly care for her hair without proper knowledge. I know in my salon knowledge is key to success in wearing Great Lengths. Most of my clients could easily give a consultation based on what they have learned from me. You should be informed of how long you can wear your hair extensions, which shampoo, conditioner and product to use (and what not to use) given a brushing tutorial, washing tips, and general care of the extensions. If you do not receive this information and have to ask for it, then perhaps the stylist does not have your best interest at heart, or worse yet, does not know the information themselves.

A consultation should not be rushed.

Unless the client has shown up late, a stylist should book a consultation with enough time to carefully answer questions and concerns, and the stylist should not rush the client to make a decision as to whether she would like to proceed with the hair extensions There, are however, times when a consultation may have to be cut short if the demands of the potential client are beyond excessive.

Questions should all be answered with confidence and skill.

All questions posed by the client should be able to a be answered fully and with confidence. A newer stylist may be accompanied by a senior, but all information should be presented confidently and a client should feel secure but the manner that the answers to her questions are approached.

A quote for the cost of extensions should be provided.

During the consultation, or at the end of the consultation, an accurate price quote should be provided, as well as a “wiggle room” quote. This ensure that the client will not be surprised by a higher price at the reception desk when cashing out after her hair extensions are complete. Prices should always be quoted on the higher end, and lowered if the amount of hair estimated was not used.

Deposit collected

It is standard practice to collect 50 percent of the quoted price in order for the stylist to be able to order the hair extensions= once an appointment dated is decided upon.  This deposit is usually not refundable, as this also secures the appointment. Again, a client should not feel pressured or rushed into a decision. If a client makes an appointment under pressure, she may cancel it later, only to mess with the artist schedule and derail clients who may have wanted her spot.

A summary of rules and details should be proivided.

You should leave with a copy of the rules, care, and deposit information you discussed. A stylist may require you to sign a copy of this document, and that is for her safety as well as yours. This way the information is clearly laid out and can be reviewed at a later time.


Sometimes there may be restrictions to your requests during a consultation. Often times this is the sign of a good hair extension artist..if you are requesting a colour or look that cannot be completed to satisfaction, the stylist should explain why this cannot be done and what alternatives there are. A “yes to everything stylist” may not have your best interest at heart, especially if there are colour corrections involved. A good stylist knows when too put limitations on her client to prevent her hair from being damaged, or completing a look the clients did not want.

Listen to your heart.

If during or after the consultation, the stylist doesn’t hit you the right way—this could even be the approach to you, your hair, her personality or attitude..walk away. There are many Great Lengths and other extensions artists that may suit you better. This is for you, and you should feel good about the stylist decision you have made.