Great Lengths National Artist Dee Gaultier, who is based in her Toronto salon,  explains why “blind” hair extension quotes are never a great idea.

Great Lengths hair extensions  can be expensive. Most items and services of great quality are.

Many clients will phone the salon and as for what I refer to as a “blind quote”.  I refrain almost completely from doing this. This can frustrate some potential clients.

It is fact that many people first want to know the cost before they venture out for a consultation for Great Lengths hair extensions. They feel it will be a waste of time if the cost is too high to warrant a visit. But a quote thrown out on the phone given with sparse, inaccurate information can also create quite dissapointing and uncomfortable,  and should a client use information  given blindly over the phone and visit the salon for a consultation she may find the quote was much higher than expected, resulting in the very feeling she was trying to avoid in the first place.

But a consultation can be worth the time.   A consultation should be complimentary and one should not feel pressure during the consultation to book anything they are not comfortable to do.  During this time questions and concerns can be answered directly and confidently regarding cost of Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

A quote is based on a few things- these factors need to be assessed in person.

The first is the density of hair per square inch. The amount of hair contained in a square inch  directly correlates to the size of the hair extension I need to apply  and will help me gage the amount of hair needed to complete your perfect hair look.

The size of your head, or as I refer to it,  “available real estate”.  In this case, size DOES matter. Heads that are smaller in nature require less hair in alot of cases. Those of us like myself that have a larger size head require more hair extensions. This number can increase if longer extensions are wanted.

The Length of hair you start with is important.. same with the thickness. The shorter and thicker your hair is, and the longer you want your hair, the more hair you will need.

The length of hair extension you want will also change the number of bundles needed. In many cases, you will need more hair if you want your hair to be 16”  rather than 12”.

For clients that are out of town, city or country that wish to visit the salon, a quote can be loosely based on pictures of the clients’ current hair.  Pictures of the front, back and sides can help the quote along, but I never guarantee quotes this way either. A consultation is still required for an accurate colour match as well.

An in-person quote is best for the client as well as the stylist so that a clear and accurate range of numbers to avoid confusion- take the time for one now and avaoid the stress later!

To demonstrate:

In this instance, these two clients are both wearing 20” hair and have similiar finished looks. As you can see, the young lady on the left started with denser, longer hair, so her style was completed using 5 bundles of 20”. The young lady on the right started with finer, shorter and more damaged hair, so to complete a similiar look, 6 and a half bundles of 20” were used.