I cannot express the importance of a consultation when considering Great Lengths hair extensions as an option for your hair. Even if you have previously worn Great Lengths and are moving to a new artist, it is a good idea to meet and consult with the artist first.


Well, potential clients are always interested in the possible costs involved with Great Lengths. This cannot not really be estimated without a person in a face to face meeting. Describing  your hair to the artist on the phone or through email does not really help, because although you may feel you are accurately describing your hair length, density of your hair, and how long your would like your extensions to be, this may not be the case. An artist has to assess the density of your hair per square inch, measure where how long you would like to hair extensions to be and check for damage in a very visual way. Many artists are quite reluctant to price over the phone, and I don’t blame them. It can be incredibly inaccurate.

During a consultation, price can be determined more accurately. Colour is discussed and a match is made provided that the client likes her current hair colour. if she does not, the colour is perfected and then a colour match is made. The length of hair the client wants and what her hair can support is discussed. pictures of styles can be brought to the artist to show them the idea of what you would like and if it is possible.


What should you expect during a consultation. 

Firstly, do your homework. Research the artist you intend to see. What is their experience?  How many years have they been applying hair extensions? Do they have a portfolio online of thir work where before and after photos demonstrating different types of work accessable?

Do they impress you?

A good artist should be listening to you and taking your consultation seriously. During a consultation, you should be asked to fill out a consultation form. I personally ask the clients the questions interview style and record the answers, kind of like an intake. You should feel very confident in your artist, and they should be able to answer all of your questions throughly.

The artist should also make you aware of all of the rules. Some of these rules may not co-incide with activities in your life (ie. hot yoga) and a decision will have to be made as to if  hair extensions are right for your lifestyle and level of commitment. You should be given a copy of these rules and information to take home with you to ponder.

The artist should be able to give you a timeline of when it will be appropriate to remove the extensions and install new ones and maintenance of the hair extensions should be explained. The artist should be matching your hair colour with a colour ring.

Lastly, and most importantly you should NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE . This is  personal decision, a big one that you could form a habit of for years to come. after being presented with all information, if th client has any doubt, I always tell them to go home and think about it or discuss it with their husbands if they like (for they are often invlved in these decisions) and to call me or contact me if they have any more questions. If you do not wish to get extensions  at the time, that is fine. Perhaps a year or more from now, perhaps a few days.  But YOU MUST FEEL AT EASE  AS POSSIBLE. a bit of nervous reaction or feelings are okay, as long as you truly are ready to take the plunge.