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Trichotillomania and Great Lengths

Trichotillomania is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair. Sometimes it is accompanied by urges to eat the hair that has been pulled out. This can be present in varying degrees, but from my experience, causes the suffer an obviously considerable amount of stress and noticeable hair loss, although 100 percent of the… Read More

A Hair Treatment Fit for a (Snow) Queen!

Well tis’ the season for split ends and dry hair. Split ends are a major problem right now..especially because we in the Great Toronto actually got a real winter this year. The cold weather involves heavy purses, coat collars, scarves-they really do affect your hair. And my dears, there is only one way to truly… Read More

The Bond that Keeps Us Together.

Glue. It’s great for crafts. Fantastic for fixing your favourite mug. Not so good when it comes to hair. I’m quick to correct anyone who uses the term “glue” in regards to hair extensions in my salon.  This is because I don’t want anyone to be confused: Great Lengths uses no such material in their… Read More

She Got Schooled

So it is known that I am currently studying to become a herbalist and registered holistic nutritionist. (If you didn’t then you know now). As part of my  studies in Herbalism. This often prompts the question ” What can I take/eat to make my hair better?” Well, there are many things that could work for… Read More

Classic and Cold Fusion Facts

Great Lengths Classic and the Cold Fusion Method: What is the difference?  There is some  confusion about the two methods and systems regarding single-strand application  that  Great Lengths offers in Canada.  So let’s clarify and discuss these two systems. The Classic. The Classic method, and my absolute personal favorite, has been around for over 20… Read More