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Trying to find the perfect Great Lengths Hair Extension Artist? Here is what to look for.

Trying to find the perfect Great Lengths Hair Extension Artist? Here is what to look for. I do not envy potential clients that are searching for a Great Lengths hair extension artist..or any other hair extension artist, for that matter. The world is full of misleading misinformation: other client’s reviews that may have been shaped… Read More

Finding YOUR Perfect Hair Extension Artist.

I was working the Toronto Bridal Show this weekend and I had the opportunity to talk to lots of different people. I became very disconcerted at some of the stories that I heard regarding traumatic hair extension work. There are many types of hair extensions application methods, and hundreds of different companies using those methods… Read More

An Interesting Dye-namic….

I don’t “do”  colour. Sure, I can apply a colour in a pinch. I’m very neat, and pretty efficient about it when I have to be, but I’m certainly no Picasso when it comes to the art of colouring and highlighting hair. This is ironic, considering my passionate approach to custom-blending extensions. Enter Adrianna. She… Read More

Princess Day!!!

At the end of every month, a day will be drawn out of  our working days. The lady (or two) who books on this day will be our  PRINCESS FOR A DAY!! Expect cupcakes, a bottle of pink champagne, and special surprises!! I LOVE MY ladies, and I love surprises!! And just to be sure… Read More

New Beginnings.

Here I am, about to open THE salon in Toronto that caters completely to Great Lengths Hair extensions. If you have ever wanted to ask questions about Great Lengths, or you feel that it is time for a change, I am here to answer your questions, just write me an email. In just days, The… Read More

Welcome to the Little House of Great Lengths!

My name is Dee. I am the owner of the Little House of Great Lengths. The Little house is borne from my 10 years of development and training, including working with two different Great Lengths National Educators and alot of dedication and blood, sweat and tears (in the form of callous forming, concentration and long,… Read More